Should a world class solution for the tours, travel and hospitality vertical be:
  • Reserved for a select few?
  • Elusive to small and medium enterprises who provide excellent service?
  • So pricey that we decide not to even think about it?

The answer we came up with for the above questions was NOT NECESSARILY.

That is how a set of software professionals with domain experience of over fifteen years crafted a generic, robust and scalable design leading to the birth of cloud7 – a world class service distributed over the Internet on SaaS(Software as a Service) model.

We felt enterprises, be it of any size should have access to fantastic services within their budgets, and hence, we have business models supporting them all.

Go ahead and ask us for a demo, a first step to extend world class solutions to your customers and partners and we will be glad to deliver it over the cloud. After all, seeing is believing