Control access to your Valuable Data

There are many ways to control access to data. We have a hierarchical representation of user levels like Owner, General Manager, Manager, Booking Officers etc. Please note there is no limitation to the number of levels we can create. Also further control can be exercised based on company types, user level groups, view/add/edit/delete access within a page etc.

Control access
Control access to your valuable data in more ways than one
Easy Navigation
Simple interfaces & easy navigation allow you flow through the options with ease
Data Filtering
Extensive filters to fetch data and save your preferences
Exportable and Friendly Views
Export your data to excel, save as csv or just copy to clipboard
Data Control
Total Control over master data through various options
Sales Leads Tracking
Monitor and track your sales leads closely
Convert your leads
Move seamlessly between sales lead, enquiry, blocking and confirmation
Comprehensive Voucher
Ensures total transparency to customer on all deliverables
Extensive Receipt
Typical receipt plus detailed calculations
Define and use addons with ease
Neat reporting options with extensive filters
And many more...
Check back for more features